This page has just created your Monero address and private key! Now you can start to earn and spend Monero!

● For greater security: Dissconnect from the internet and click here to re-generate the key (offline this time)

● To save your address to disk: Within your browser, choose Print Save as Pdf #IMPORTANT

● To enable your key: Re-connect to the internet and Paste your Address in signup page


Public Payment Address
Share this to accept 3rd party payments. Attach it to your Miner and users will be able to mine for you (and donate to you) when viewing your pages

Private keys
The spend key and view key are the raw private keys for the new wallet. keep them secure.
Spend key: Generating...

View key: Generating...

Private Spending Account
Import this 'account recovery seed' into your Monero wallet to start accessing and spending your earnings. (Don't show it to anyone!)
Q: What happens to my Monero coins if I loose my Seed?
A: If you have not yet imported your Seed into a software wallet; you have lost them!
Q: What happens if I let other people see my Monero private key?
A: They could steal your coins.
Disclaimer: does not hold your money nor your personal information, therefore, cannot recover any lost data or money. Personal security and annonimity are your own responsibility!