The Swamp
It's all connected!
Use movies/pop music to
seed consciousness, generate
emotions that lets the Cabal use
our mass consciousness to
manifest their goals.
The Matrix:
The world we live in
Predictive programming
(To ensure acceptance of future events)
False Flag Terrorism
Lone gunman mass shootings
(for gun control); bombings
(to create fear, justify constant
wars, divide & conquer, increase 
'police state' legislation)
Air, fire, land, water
earthquake 'machines'
or Masers (satellite lasers)
to destabilize regions
GMO crops - remove the nutrients, control the food supply, weaken pop.
Soda - increase sugar intake, increase obesity, weak pop .
Synthetics Adgender:
- replace natural compounds
with synthetics 
Control Healthcare
promote drug use including
opioids, vaccines, 
weaponized viruses
Brownstoning, Sextorting
Use prostitution to blackmail, extort and compromise politicians, judges, government workers, businesspersons, foreign embassy workers (Operation Midnight Climax)
Use 'Algorithmic censorship' to control social media
Use money and blackmail to control MSM. Create daily "talking points"
- Inject talking points into social media
Federal Reserve
Nether 'federal' nor a 'reserve', the FED was set up in 1913 by the banking families as a private corporation
Place key personnel in government positions
"Classify" any technology that threatens the Cabal Industry with patents
Safety for illegals (enforcers, spies, votes for DNC)
Sanctuary cities
(Paperclip 2) 
Provide access to investments to senators/congress in key comity positions - set policy directions
(((They))) wan't us POOR / SICK?
The FED prints US currency and the taxpayers pay them interest in order to use it
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